We have birds on our Ranch in nine categories:  Babies that are very young (for experience feeders only), older babies still being hand fed (not yet weaned, but not difficult for someone who is less experienced in feeding), weaned babies (hand feeding finished, ages 7 weeks to 14 months), young teenagers (ages 16 weeks to 4 years, teenager  age is dependent on species), birds just coming into breeding age (1 year to 7 years old), Adults yet to be put into pairs, birds received on a bird trade, Lifetime Retirement birds, Disabled birds, and breeding pairs. 

All above are for sale except the birds here on Retirement or donated birds with specific instructions that only we can fill.  Disabled parrots will only go to special homes that are willing to take on the modified cage and care requirements that may be required.  

Below is a price list for our handfed baby birds for sale.  Prices shown are for a range of birds from un-weaned to weaned.  Arizona Parrots in Tucson strongly believes that the skills of hand feeding and weaning birds can be learned by most people.  The best way to get hand feeding experience is to start by hand feeding a baby cockatiel before attempting to hand feed a larger Parrot.  

We have found that it is not necessary to hand feed a bird in order to bond with it.  We can give you plenty of testimonials from individuals who have purchased fully weaned birds from us and now have wonderful relationships with their new pet.

Please, when you email us, explain your experience in Hand feeding before requesting a young baby.

Species of baby parrot Age one Age five Each week
  week old weeks old older add
Budgie/Parakeet $15 $27 $3
Cockatiel $20-35 $60-115 $10-20
Sun Conure $170 $210 $10
Indian Ringneck Parakeet $190 $230 $10
Blue Crown Conure $340 $400 $15
White Front Amazon $450 $530 $20
Orange Wing Amazon $500 $600 $25
Goffin Cockatoo $590 $710 $30
Sulfer Crested Cockatoo $550 $670 $30
Citron Crested Cockatoo $650 $770 $30
Congo African Grey $955 $1135 $45
Blue Front Amazon $650 $830 $45
Double Yellow Head Amazon $650 $830 $45
Military Macaw $660 $840 $45
Blue & Gold Macaw $950 $1150 $50
Miligold Macaw $950 $1150 $50
Umbrella Cockatoo $895 $1095 $50
Green Wing Macaw $980 $1180 $50
Flame/Rainbow Macaw $1050 $1250 $50
Rose Breasted Cockatoo $1070 $1270 $50

Here are two examples to explain the above table:  A six week old Congo African Grey will be $1180 and a six week old Sun Conure will be $220.  Six to ten weeks old is the most popular age requested for purchase from us. 

Interesting note:  My seven year old daughter Crystal successfully hand fed baby parrots that she began feeding at one week old.

Species Price range
Cockatiels Grey, Cinnamon, Pearl, Lutino, Pied $45 to $160
Cockatiels Whiteface, White Face Pearl, Albino $65 to $200
Macaws Military, Blue&Gold,  Miligold, Green Wing $660 to $1400
Amazons Blue Front, Double Yellow head $500 to $975
Amazons Orange Wing, White Front $400 to $750
African Grey Congo $955 to $1630
Cockatoos Gofin, Lesser Sulphur                    $475 to $900
Cockatoos Citron, Umbrella, Rose Breasted $650 to $1400
Conures  Sun, Nanday, Patagonia, Blue Crown $170 to $550

The prices vary depending on the age, personality, condition and quantity of the birds you  order.      The lower prices are for quantity purchases or for very young babies. 
                          Quantity purchases
Cockatiel quantities begin at groups of 20, lower prices for 45, lowest for 100 groups.  Quantity purchases of Conures begins at 6 and quantity purchases of African Greys save on shipping costs (one grey shipping will be $165 and two or more greys shipping cost total is $185). 

Example: we charge $18 for normal grey cockatiels if in the quantity purchase of 45 or more. Some of the cockatiels in that group will be higher in price because they have fancier colors. We do not breed a lot of normal grey Cockatiels, so a group of 45 will always be a combination of mixed colors.  Second example:  Commit to buying six or more Sun Conures at an average age of 6 weeks old and the pricing will be $220 plus $210 plus $200 plus $190 plus $180 and each successive one after that will be $180. So, the larger the quantity the closer the average price will be to $180 because you will be buying more at the $180 price (only the first four remain at the higher prices of $220, 210, 200, 190).

Shipping is available to all 50 states in the USA. 
Typically add about $165 for most birds to ship to most states, call for exact quote on shipping price.    

Please e-mail  your    inquiries to or call  Arizona Parrots 1-520-298-0379 between the hours of 12 noon and 5 PM Arizona time for other questions.

Arizona Parrots, Tucson AZ         PH#520-298-0379